3,000 visits + other updates

aka the first one, i finally did it. are you proud

published november 17, 2022.


i wanna start this entry off with a loud, brazen, and sincere THANK YOU!!

for some godforsaken reason, you fuckers have viewed my site over 3,000 times. in fact, as of writing, we're actually closing in on 4,000, which is fucking asinine and i am eternally grateful for the interest you all have shown. thank you so much for looking at my stupid website, it means the world.

that aside, though, i expect this entry to be a short one. i figure i owe you all an explaination of what's here so far, and a roadmap of what's to come.

lets start with the music catalogue! this page has two subsections, one for albums and one for singles. the content of each should be pretty self-explanitory.

as of right now, the albums page is already filled with a few selections, and i'm trying to constantly update it. so, if you want to check out my (i would like to remphasize, objectively superior) music taste, or just need something new to listen to, you can get started there! as for the songs page, it's still empty for the time being. though you should probably expect something to pop up over there soon, as i wrap work on other parts of the site.

in other news, i'm now working on entires for the blog, as evidenced by you reading this! i would like to reiterate that this isn't just a personal blog, despite the name -- i intend to push out *a fuck ton* of cool content here! this includes retrospectives on technology, gaming, and culture. with that, i'd also like to reiterate that i am soliciting ideas, from you bozos! if you have any ideas of cool stories or phenomina in tech, gaming, or another related category that you'd like me to write about, email them me to me at niconiconova@protonmail.com. if i select your idea, i'll be sure to properly credit you! right now, i'm working on two pieces. they are retrospectives on:

⠀⠀⠀• the t-mobile sidekick

⠀⠀⠀• sony's minidisc format

so, i hope you're looking forward to those. if you're into weird and/or obscure y2k-era tech and gaming culture, i'll wager you'll probably enjoy my articles. or, at least i hope you do. :3

i also have some cool stuff in the works for the projects page, which is where i plan on sharing any of my creative work that isn't explicitly writing. for those of you not already aware, i've been making videos online for over 10 years. which, on the one hand makes me ancient in internet years, and on the other makes me hip and cool, apparently. i've been looking to reboot my youtube channel for years, and i have a video about windows vista in the works. as of writing, i'd say it's probably around 30% complete. one it's finished, you can find the link to it there!

okay, now lets talk about future stuff. i obviously have a lot of pages in the navbar to fully finish, so that's a given. that aside, i'm currently planning on switching my guestbook service from smartgb to 123guestbook sometime in the near future. you can still leave comments on the current guestbook if you want, and i definitely intend to read them! just know, though, that your comments won't carry over to the new guestbook, so if you'd like to wait until i complete the transition, i totally get it.

and finally, in case you didn't see, there's now an update box at the bottom of the homepage. nothing super special, but it adds a nice touch and allows me to (hopefully) not feel the need to document site updates here.

alright, i think that's everything my adhd riddled brain wanted to say. i hope you're all looking forward to the stuff i plan to publish and post here, and i want to thank you all again for giving my silly website attention. setting up my site here on neocities has been one of the most welcoming, rewarding experiences of my life. i'm grateful to you all.

alright, that's all. take care of yourselves! ciao for now!