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hai!!! i am essentially back to working on this thing effective IMMEDIATELY!

it's taken me a little longer to get back to this than i wanted, but with college and real life constantly going on in the background i just wasn't able to allocate the necessary mental energy to this thing. that changes now!!

i'll be making some general QoL improvements, along with FINALLY finishing some of the other pages around here like the directory and sitemap.

also, fuckin BUTTONS!! check these out!! they look WAY better than the static links that were here before. AND YOU CAN CLICK THEM! give it a try!!


what's the deal with this place?

currently, the site is still under construction. expect incomplete pages, placeholder text, and janky css for now.

otherwise, welcome to my corner of the web! here, you'll find blog posts, music recommendations, creative work of mine, and everything in between. think of this site as a digital manifestation of my stupid brain.

cool, but who are you?

im a twenty (20) year old nerd from the northeast US. i'm also an amateur journalist and a full-time media student. you can find out more about me by clicking the about tab!

sick. why'd you make this site?

haha funny you should ask... i'm a refugee from the bird hell site, also known as twitter (ugh i know) and its ongoing issues motivated me to get the ball rolling on creating a digital outlet elswhere on the web. that's not the whole story though! i've had my sights set on making a site here on neocities for years. my admittedly narrow understanding of HTML and even narrower understanding of CSS sort of intimidated me though, enough so that i put off making one for a long time. in spite of that, my inherent need to keep the creative gears turning led me to finally pull the trigger and learn how this stuff works. this site is the result!

the rest

all of that aside, i hope you enjoy perusing my lil home on the web! also, i'm always down to help out fellow webmasters, so if you have any questions about how i did X or Y, just let me know. you can reach me at niconiconova@protonmail.com.

additionally, i'm always looking for feedback! if there's something you think i should add to or change about the site (within reason, of course) shoot me an email! i'm always looking for cool ideas.

if you've read this far, you have my eternal gratude. thanks for checking out my silly site, and i hope it brings you some joy.

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03/07/2023 - BUTTONS! gave homepage links unique clickable buttons.

03/06/2023 - QoL changes, updated color palette, stylistic tweaks.

01/11/2023 - reverted homepage theme.

12/27/2022 - changed "song of the week" to "featured song." will still be updated regularly, just not every monday. adhd moment.

12/07/2022 - updated navbar; changed "projects" to "other work" and "links" to "directory"

12/04/2022 - updated SOTW, themed homepage. merry christmas!

11/17/2022 - revamped blog page, published blog entry, fixed some bugs.

11/12/2022 - updated albums under music

11/11/2022 - added update box, added links to navbar.

11/10/2022 - updated about tab.

11/08/2022 - expanded page layout. (800px -> 1100px)

11/06/2022 - site created!